The Rules

Official Kickball Rules

All rules follow the Official WAKA Rules unless otherwise stated.

All calls made by our professional umpires are final.

  • Teams arrive at 10:45am for pre-tournament meeting, Games start at 11:30am
  • No cleats of any kind (Cannon Baller’s rule)
  • Players bring reusable water bottles
  • Players may NOT participate after use of alcohol or other illegal drugs. (Neither of
    which are permitted on or around the playing field)
  • 8-10 fielders (including pitcher, catcher & up to 4 outfielders)
  • 4 innings OR 30 minutes (whichever comes first; no new inning may start after 25
    minutes of play; Championship game: 7 innings or 1 hour)
  • 6 run limit per team per inning (EXCEPT Final Inning of each game)
  • “bouncy pitches” are allowed but it must bounce at least twice before home-plate.
  • Strikezone is 1 foot on all sides of the home-plate and 1 foot above home-plate
  • You can throw a runner out, but no headshots.
  • One base given on an overthrow.
  • No stealing bases or leading off. Players not touching a base when the ball is kicked
    are automatically out
  • Forced outs. Baserunners are required to tag up at the previous base on any ball
    caught in the air

RULES UPDATED 05/14/2024